Day 22; Intangible

So close. So far away. The smell you can almost taste Clutching at the wind The reality you see and feel But cannot hold on to Life is so big and so important Yet untouchable And still very real The things you cannot grasp and hold Prove to be the most important The moments you … More Day 22; Intangible

Sweetland. Part 2

This is the second time. He pulled up in the parking lot and I smiled. He didn’t. “Why do you want me here. ” “I….I miss you. ” I’m sitting in the front seat of his car and we’re both looking directly ahead. He’s parked facing a wall. Silence. I finally spoke. “I’m sorry.” “That … More Sweetland. Part 2

Sweetland. Part 1

We met on social media. He was cute. I was young. He lied to me about his age. He was funny and sweet and promising and smart. I’d never seen a guy like that show interest in me. We agreed to meet up. That first night….was the last night. It was full of so much. … More Sweetland. Part 1