Consistent Growth; Goal Setting. 

Over the past 5 months my life has been bombarded with huge and constant changes that I could have never forseen at the beginning of this year. A year ago at this time I can hear myself making statements like “I have no idea where I’ll be next year” and worrying about the vague and distant future. That’s why someone like me does, after all. Plan, and worry. 

The time elapsed, as it tends to do, and the distant became the present, and after being caught in a whirlwind of activity, my life has come to a complete halt, inviting the necessary and inevitable introspection that someone like myself does when there is nothing else to do. This period has been the first in a very long time that I’ve had time that belongs only to me, not my business, my family or my future, and I made a decision months ago that I would not waste it. 

The goals I had set were things involved physical and mental growth necessary for me to become the person I aspire to be, and while I have no issues taking the first step and starting things, continuing and being consistent were hard for me. Now, in the midst of working towards these goals, I remember things I wanted to achieve in the summer that I didn’t quite do, a bucket list I vowed to complete that I didn’t (see this post) and realized that not only did I approach the situation incorrectly by listing out too specifically thing that I did not properly plan, but I also didn’t choose goals that resonated with me deeply enough. 

The things on that list don’t all directly impact me becoming the person I want to grow into, and their lack of resonance made them less important to me. 
So here I am; in the denouement of 2016, with different goals, thoughts and ideas. In a different country, post semester one of college – not completely changed but with a new perspective. My mentor taught me this summer to be obsessed with completion, and remain fixed on your goals. These are things only possible if what is true of your core values aligns with your goals. Having a strong sense of where you want to be will give you direction for the things you say you want to do. 

Nothing you do will prosper without true motivation. 


One thought on “Consistent Growth; Goal Setting. 

  1. #UpUpUp

    I like what you said in the end. No plan will come to fruition without true motivation.
    I see people readying inspirational books and memorising inspirational quote on IG but they are not living the life because the motivation and the inspiration is is not true.

    That is why I’ve learned not to push too far because somehow your heart tells you if you are ready or not, it’s not something you can force. Call it cruff or unambitious, I call it instinct. Am i making sense to you?

    — Blessings

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