The Teapot by the Mighty

The TeaPot, owned by

On my Saturday adventures with my friend Stephanie, we wandered into a tea shop at the back entrance of Sovereign, and sat down to have a Chai tea latte (with tapioca). We sat down to have our tea and started chatting with the owner, who introduced herself as Jacqui Mighty. My first question, of course, was “Where does your staircase lead?” to which she laughingly replied “My office, I get that question all the time”

The conversation led me to ask her how she got into tea. Why open a tea shop?

Her story:

Jacqui learned about tea from her Indian grandmother who ran a finishing school. She described herself and her sister as “tomboys” and so her grandmother decided that they needed to become more refined and that they needed to follow traditional Indian principles. She sent them to finiahing school to learn skills like sewing, proper etiquette and tea making. These lessons never left theie hearts and followed them to adulthood.

Years later after a successful career in event planning, Jacqui decided that she wanted to do something with which she could carry out her passion of creating and art. She and her sister discussed opening a tearoom in Jamaica for years, and even went to Japan to study teamaking. 5 years passed and mothing happend until 2012 when her sister Simone was diagnosed with Stomach cancer. Jacqui “pinky” promised Simone that she would open the business no matter what, but even when she died, Jacqui made no moves. It was when her father, who had lived in the same city as Simone, died exactly a year later from the same kind of cancer, when Jacqui felt convicted to start making tea baskets.

These tea baskets marked the start of Jacqui’s journey, and after selling thwm out of her car for a few months, a friend recognized that this venture had loads of untapped potential. This friend sent some samples over to sovereign’s manager who immediately enquired about the location of the business. The moment he realized she was selling out of her car, he decided that this business needed to be at Sovereign Centre.

This is how Jacqui managed to be where she was when I walked into Sovereign on a hot Saturday in July. Myself and the friend I was with had thought of hosting a tea party just the week before and after hearing Ms. Mighty’s story I immediately realized what a perfect opportunity this was. This is how we ended up having her teas at our tea party, in The Lord’s Garden on Jult 8th, 2016.

Check out the YouTube video below to see how it all went.




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