It’s really not that awkward. 

So yesterday I went out to run some errands and get a few things done. I decided to make it a point of duty to take some good pictures for my blog. I’ve always been hesitant to post pictures of myself (or of anything at all) on my blog because I felt my pictures were inadequate, and didn’t look like those of the “real” bloggers. I actually found it difficult to take these “blogger-esque” photos because, well, taking them actually
seemed a pretty awkward task in certain situations. 

I decided to put that awkwardness aside yesterday and go out and see what I could get. Put on a sundress as grabbed a handbag and headed out to my first stop, a meeting at this beautiful boutique, Kerry ManWomanHome.
After my meeting ended I proceeded to ask Kerry’s assistant, “could you help me out, I’d love to get some pictures for my blog.” She agreed. Okay, I think, this isn’t so bad. 

There was this beautiful floral wall installed by TaiFlora Luxe and it was actually the best background ever, so I thought, “this should be easy”.  

I mean, it really wasn’t that bad, and she was really nice about taking the pictures for me. I just wish I could have been less awkward with my posing and stuff, which was partially due to the cramped space. 

But I got some great pictures, and Kerry really knows how to curate a great space. Would LOVE to see her open a café. 

My next mission was to get my nails done, and so I ventured into a salon called Martina’s Nail Space which is a beautiful beautiful space done up in silver with throne like chairs and a nail bar. My short conversation with the person at the front desk basically told me that I’d have to wait 2-3 hours to get my nails done. 
Now, this store has a great reputation for the quality of their work, but waiting times are ridiculous and I personally don’t have that kinda time to waste. I didn’t take any pictures there because I was on the move and even though I put my name down on the waiting list, I knew I wasn’t going back. 

I headed over to another nail salon called Duchess which, as I had predicted, was completely empty. A lot of people have negative things to say about this place, but I didn’t really care because I was just getting an overlay and polish, and they weren’t wasting any of my time. 

When I entered there was one person getting her toes done, so there was an attendant to start on my nails immediately. She was kinda slow, but still, I wasn’t complaining because of the comparable advantage to waiting at the other place. 

Here, again, I asked the attendant to get a picture of me (just because), and she looked at me kinda funny but agreed. Awkward, still, but I mean, there was no one in there so it didn’t matter. 

All in all, the task is not as awkward or weird as I had perceived it to be, but still, where do bloggers find these strangers who take amazing pictures? And why do I never run into professional photographers? 

 As time goes on, I’ll figure out the secret formula, and get great pictures to show you guys. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy watching my progress!

-Questing all the way to creativity. 


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