Love your skin; it’ll love you right back!

I’m extremely proud of the way I’ve tackled the negative feelings that were developing inside my head about myself. I decided to challenge myself and it resulted in growth. 
The story here is about what happened when I got very interested in makeup. Me, a girl who never used foundation until I was 17, had now become extremely ensnared by the charms of a really beat face. I was wearing makeup everyday day I could…”Just for practice”, I would say to people, “I know I don’t need it”. This was kinda true, of course, but as I purchased more and more product and used them day after day, it became a sort of dependency that I couldn’t explain. 

Why did I feel uncomfortable in my own skin? Refusing to take pictures or go out until I “put on” my face, I realize now that I didn’t think I was pretty enough until I had on a layer (or two) of some brown liquid. 

As nature often does, my skin began to mirror my feelings quite well. It began to dull and become as unpresentable as it had been in my mind. Which of course, only made me wear more makeup. 

As the quality of my skin – which people once complimented me on – deteriorated, I began to realize the problem was not just how badly I ate or how much water I drank, it was much deeper than that. My skin simply could not breathe, Products were not doing any good for my skin, and lastly, I was not feeling confident. And it showed. 

The past few pictures were from this week; my first week of no makeup. This is nothing new, or special. It’s no big deal. But for me personally, its more than just a lack of product, but a presence of confidence. I am holding myself to this challenge for 3 weeks (takes 21 days to form a habit, right?). 

This is not a makeup bashing post, but more promoting self confidence and feeling good in your own skin. I’m not rushing to throw away my makeup collection….just gonna make these products last me a little longer. (You know this struggle, right ladies?). 

What have I learned? Love your skin and it’ll love you right back!


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