10+ things that will actually happen this summer. 

We anticipate the summer all year, planning all the cool thing’s we’re gonna do and thinking into the distance that it will all be done without a second thought. 

Only in retrospect do we realize that many summers have gone by with little or none of those things we had planned to do came into being. We find ourselves with unfulfilled summer dreams too often and that’s often because of lack of planning. 

This summer I’ve decided to do something different by creating a bucket list. Not a “bungee jumping, skydiving, visiting rome” bucket list, but a more realistic one that encompasses the things I most want to achieve this summer. Below I’ve shown my [first draft] list for this summer. Hopefully this gives you guys some insight into what can be on your list this summer!

1. Complete a meaningful internship 
2. Spend some quality time with 10 people who are important to me
3. Successfully create a working system for smooth transition of Minx. (check out my businessness here)
4. Make $(xxxx) 
5. Put aside $(xxxx) for college 
6. Read 10 books that will add value to your life
7. Go on an artist date (post coming soon) 
8. Complete a sewing course
9. Get my driver’s license
10. Go to 5 new places (out of town)
11. Complete my wreck this journal

I tried to keep it short and very precise. Use definite numbers and if you can, add a timeline. This will help you to cement these events into tour mind as certain and better help you to plan for and achieve them!  

Happy Summer! I hope all your bucket-listed dreams cone true!


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