Day 20; Money Speaks Louder Than Genuine Hearts

I’m emotionally drained from a conversation with a friend tonight. I’m extremely saddened because I just felt like what I was saying might have had some importance and that maybe my point was valid. It cut deeper than I think it should, but I’m not even gonna get into what actually happened or what the disagreement was about. Essentially I realized a greater problem was surfacing not just in that one person…but many people around me. It’s saddening to know where the world is going, and even harder to face the fact that there’s almost nothing I can do about it.

The thing about being a human being is that we’re all susceptible to evil…we’ll never be anything but human and mortal, but we don’t realize that the pursuit of money is not the only thing to gain from a “successful” life. I can’t trust anyone whose main goal in life is to be rich, because that’s their main priority and people will do anything to get what they want. I admire determination, but if all you are is determined, you’re forgetting integrity, loyalty, compassion…I could go on. My point, my dears, is that people who will do anything for money…are not your friends. That being said…they’re not role models either.

The people you idolize and put on a pedestal daily…whether you like it or not, they own a section of your mind. They sold you their opinion and you bought it subconsciously. With each picture, each quote, each song…they’ve consumed you entirely and you can’t even tell.

It’s funny how every day, famous people reject the fact that they’re a role model to young people…then they set an example for these kids to follow. And it’s twisted how people readily accept what celebrities do, but when emulated by our children its wrong and terrible.

There’s something incredible happening in the world right now. Some may see it and some may not…the mind is being warped and stripped of compassion, desensitized and then fed opinions and ideas. Whoever is trying to control us is brilliant and they know it. They execute with utmost confidence and orchestrate this madness beautifully. The illusion of positivity is created and we’re lured in, hearts are won over and fans are created. People fall in love. It’s the art of seduction. This platform is created and then once people are in too deep, something more complex emerges. It’s not necessarily negative… but it’s not exactly positive. People are a little confused, and a lot interested. This draws people in. Once more a change is made and there are more and more transformations until we’re at a place that once would seem ugly and evil and inappropriate and wrong. You don’t see what you’re doing because you’re in too deep and up too close.

I feel like we’re being led astray and all the wrong things are okay. I’m not okay with that and I’m saddened and I’m distressed and I’m hurt to realize that there’s nothing I can do about it [for now]. I don’t have that kind of influence and my opinion doesn’t matter. Money talks and I have none to give. This is the cold and frightening world we live in; I pray tonight that you too don’t get too drawn in.


-Quest to Creativity



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