Day 17; Candid words on love

Love. It should touch lives and change people. It should make us kinder and understanding. It should change hearts and minds..and it should teach us things. But things don’t often do what they should, because we live in an imperfect world. Life is flawed and we are made of idiosyncrasies that ensure that even the most beautiful things are corrupted.
Thus, the beautiful and awesome “love” is tainted, and doubted and hated. People misconceive our own actions and reactions as repercussions of “love”. Love doesn’t cause us to be lonely…dishonestly and infidelity do. Love doesn’t tear us apart…our own minds create thoughts that do. Love doesn’t break us. We teach ourselves that we can’t move past it, because having experienced something so’s nearly impossible to imagine a life without it. But it’s possible. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.
Reality check: love isn’t your source of pain. It’s a light in your life and’s so bright that it blinds you. The same way a mother will defend her child fearlessly simply because of that love…that bond that she has…or the way a lover will do anything to keep his or her partner happy. The way a best friend will stay sworn to secrecy even if it’s killing them inside..not always the best judgement, but love does this to you.
Get a different angle on what you already know…don’t be close minded about things that will touch your heart…love fearlessly because even though you have something to lose…it’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Day 17; Candid words on love

  1. You articulate your emotions so beautifully. Just letting your mind ramble on, spilling your heart and thoughts out. I love it. I feel your emotions through relation and through how well you express yourself.

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