Day 16; Life Lessons

“J’ai voulu exprimer ce que je ressentais en vivant.” I wanted to express what I felt while living.
This is why I write.

There’s so much more to my life than is observed. It’s rare moments like these that I realize that I myself am a walking paradox. A contradiction of what is possible and proof that anything can happen. So many times things seemed impossible, and I was told that there was no way. But still, I proved many theories wrong just by living. This is why I’m hopeful sometimes. Because I’m a dreamer. An optimist. And you can only be those things if you can dare to make the impossible happen. Without a spirit like that, dreaming is pointless and a waste of time.

My life has proven that love can be found where it’s not allowed and that hearts, no matter what rules bind them, will find each other if they’re supposed to. This is why I don’t worry about love, because it will happen if and when it’s supposed to.
My life has proven that even the worst can become the best, with a little work. A diamond is just a rock with a little work, and no matter who you used to be, or are now, there is hope for your future if you try to make a change.
My life has taught me that “No” is not my worst enemy. “No” teaches you to try and keep trying because there’s always a way when you’re willing to try. Yes. All the clichés are true. I’m living proof of the impossible and I’ll continue to be that. It’s a great feeling to achieve something someone said you couldn’t, and great inspiration to keep on going. Now, when I look at what I’ve achieved, I only get more excited for what I will in the future, and I don’t take anything for granted because there’s always a greater chance of losing than winning.

The best advice I can give is to keep on dreaming, believing, and working hard. We’re all on our different journeys but we can help each other in different ways. The key to success isn’t any one thing, but you can never go wrong with kindness and love. You’d be so surprised at what great things could come your way just from a simple act of kindness. Choose to be happy. Share positive thoughts. Take care of your body. Nurture your mind. Share your knowledge. Stay creative. This is just another day in my quest. Maybe today is the day you start yours.


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