Day 12; Our Friend Reality

There are so many situations that we’re faced with in life in which we have to make a decision in order for us to adapt. There are some things we can’t move on from until we let go of a habit or mindset, and others that force us to do certain things differently in order to get better results. The only way to stop changing is to stop living. A person changing is just another part of life. Someone can’t lose who they are if they never really knew themselves in the first place. And personally I don’t think there’s ever a set “who you are” because we’re always growing, always learning, always changing. The things that we let into our lives aren’t unintentional. The realities that we choose to accept are of our own design formed from our own experiences and influenced by those who have gone and experienced before us. The beautiful things that make a dark day a little brighter, and the ugly things that darken our best days are all just triggers to set off the you that’s inside of you, and to bring out thing’s you’ve either never noticed before, or never could have imagined. The things we learn in school are just the raw materials. The ingredients to create the “right stuff”. Some people just don’t get it yet, and some people never will. They’ll never grasp how important it is to pay attention to every little detail that is your life because there will never be a chance to swat for the test that is life.
Some tests come early, and some of us (who are probably either really lucky or die young) never sit that exam. There will always be that big change or whatever it is that you need to overcome. That thing you need to do because it’s the right thing to do. The point is, your life’s test is something you can’t run away from, and you only have one chance to get it right.
Some people fight the same battles over and over in different ways, and it’s always when you feel you’ve mastered your battle completely when you find yourself in one where you really just can’t win. The only way to overcome these battles is to accept what you’ve been running from and face reality.
There’s no one more creative than reality. She’s an artist I’ll always admire and respect for her ingenuity and innovative talent. She is ruthless and she is tender. A kinder, more beautiful force can’t compare to reality, and neither can anything be as harsh and cold. Reality has all the characteristics of an incredible woman (with way too much time on her hands). The very thread that weaves our lives together introduces her almost mythical friend, fantasy, which is really on her side, but we think its on ours. It offers an escape, but it’s temporary, so it keeps us coming back for more, like a teen hooked on unrealistic novels…or drugs with hallucinogenic properties. Then our supply runs out and reality has a good laugh at us kicking our own asses. As I said, she’s an artist. To survive her, you must understand and accept her. This is how you know she’s just like us.


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