Day 11; Life Isn’t Fair.

When I look in the mirror, I like what I see. I smile and turn to get a different view, and sometimes I think who is this person? When I step out into the open, sometimes I feel good about myself. I feel confident and happy. And sometimes I don’t. I see this person in the mirror, but that’s not how I feel. I feel naked and alone and empty.
It is a blessing to be young. But the gifts of youth aren’t given to all of us. The unfairness of it all becomes too much to bear and we feel very alone and empty. We want the world but the world doesn’t want us. The perfect life is set out before us, like a table laid out with wonderful delicacies. The scent tickles our noses but we’ll never be able to taste any of the things before us. It’s in the same way a preteen is charmed by the wonderful thought of teenage life, only to be disappointed by someone as cruel and faithful as reality. Even when we become of age and are living what was supposed to be a dream, we see the people around us doing the very things wanted and having the lives we always wished for and we think where the hell did I go wrong?
It’s in the same way that others are looking at us. In our lives where we’re literally dying inside, wishing for a change and hoping that we’ve learned something from our mistakes and amidst all our regretting and hating, there’s someone else looking through the window and wishing they were in our shoes. There’s never been a cliché truer than the grass is greener on the other side. Here’s our trusty friend reality again. Giving us a really hard time just surviving and then telling us we’re ungrateful because someone has it worse. Letting us know its not okay to hate your life because someone else would love it. But the truth is, they would be just like you, hating the life they would have wished for in another life.
I think everything and everyone is where they are supposed to be. You get what you’re willing to accept, and your reality is your own living hell. The world is the way it is not because no one cares to do anything about it, but because we’re all different and have different purposes. You can’t change the world, but you can give the world something to make it want to change itself. What you do with your time in this unfair life is your choice. No one is bound by any rules or standards, only by the consequences. Creativity is your key to freedom. Your ticket to the table.


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