Day 8; Land of the free?

I would read quotes, or stories or just random articles and take them very seriously, documenting everything in my mind for future application to real life situations. I usually just treat everything like its true and then I would read something and completely disagree, and even be shocked by such an assumption or statement and then sooner or later I’d remember that it’s just an opinion, which everyone’s entitled to. Today I heard on the radio that a well-known black woman in the United States had posted content on the internet supporting Mitt Romney’s political campaign, after which angry black Americans posted lots of negative things about her on twitter. In this world people are given the impression that they have freedom of speech and can express themselves without being judged. If anyone tells you that, you should probably correct them…that statement wouldn’t be completely true without attaching that tidbit about confidence. Self-assurance. There is no possible way you can express yourself freely and be truly free without believing firmly in whatever you do, having the courage to stand up for your beliefs and I think it helps to be able to logically justify whatever it is.

Be bold. No one takes a shy person seriously…they’ll walk all over you, and in some cases sit on you. Having an air of confidence, whether reflected in your creative work, or your own demeanour helps to command attention, respect, and a bit of curiosity. Once you have that attention, don’t waste it. Take the opportunity to get your point across. Get your opinions out there, paint a picture, make a speech, sing a song. And when you’re finished help other people to do the same. Everyone wants to live in different times, under different conditions and around different people but they’re not prepared to embrace change. No one has learnt how to adapt and make the most of present situations but they complain about the state of things. If you’re seeking free expression, be prepared to pay a high price. So miss Romney supporter, I think, should be firm in her stance and never show a sign of weakness. Its not a race between black and white, but one to decide on who can run the country more efficiently. Even if she is supporting white supremacy, who are you to take that away from her? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. We can’t always share it, but we should definitely respect those brave enough to share theirs. That’s my opinion.


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