Day 6; Puzzling It Out

The journey to creativity isn’t just about finding the creative you. It’s about creating you. Who are you? I didn’t know how to answer that question myself. I had to take a step back and look at the easel from a distance. Point is, I was looking too deep into something that’s supposed to be simple. Finding out who you are isn’t some journey you step out your front door and set out on; its life. How you interpret things, how you react to your surroundings, how you deal with situations. Some people do believe that you can find yourself, you can explain it and put it in words and actually just tell people who you are. Others don’t believe it’s the kind of thing you put down on paper and it’s just you being you. If others want to know who you are, they’d have to find out themselves. But what about letting others know your take on who you are? Whatever people find out would be their opinion, their understanding based on who they are.

One thing I find very interesting about myself is that I see things differently from everyone else. My opinions are always really different from everyone else’s. It’s not a bad thing…but people judge so harshly and it’s not very encouraging to be laughed at. I get laughed at a lot. For wanting to make a difference, for wanting to help people, for not having this or that, or being too much of whatever. I get laughed at for being indecisive and a little slow, liking certain things, being however I am, having a blog, even. It’s so very often that I get really excited about something, only to find out that no one else finds it important or cool or interesting and then I end up feeling so lonely because there’s no one I can relate to about certain things. There’s so much I don’t say because I feel like people won’t understand …or care.

This whole finding yourself thing is really getting to me because how do I find myself, really? I’m right here! But truth is,if you don’t know who you are, you’ll get lost in other people’s perceptions and eventually have some kind of crisis and go into depression and die. LOL, jk. We all die eventually. But really. Know yourself.


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