Day 3; Storm Clouds

Today is one of those all time lows where I feel completely de-motivated to be anything above average. I just want to merge into the walls and be invisible. I tried so hard and couldn’t come up with anything. I asked a friend, “What am I doing wrong?” And got the answer “You’re trying.” -Its time to regroup- so I went outside and got some sunlight. I drew a sketch, I reviewed my “How to stay creative” list. I felt better. Went back inside and started but the design didn’t look like what I imagined and there were other things to do so I left that for a while. Today is a sad day. I don’t feel happy or motivated or anything. I just feel empty. I know what’s missing but that’s another post on another blog, lol. Point is. This rain is upsetting me, this creative block is upsetting me, and everything is just upsetting me. I’m really trying to see through all the negative stuff and be more productive. I know this post is really late, but better late than never. Another thing; a part of the reason everything’s always a blur is because I’m always confused. I never know what I want. Maybe I like this, I kinda like that, I want this, I need that. I need to identify what’s important to me and work with that. Maybe if I’m clearer on what I want, I’ll be more productive. Anyway, its almost midnight and I really want this posted TODAY so later 🙂


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