Day 1; Take Me To Paris.

I can’t really say what I’ve accomplished today…well. I guess I can. Lol, um. I started noticing little things about myself from weight gain to how I think. I always want things to be organized and perfect but they never are and I always end up getting confused when I have an idea because its usually fuzzy. Like, I would have a good idea, but then when I try to jot it down or execute it I’m not exactly sure what to do because my thoughts are always a blur. I usually get like 50 ideas at a time and then I can’t sift through them and they just disappear if I try to separate them. But there must be a way to save them all, like separating Siamese twins joined at the head without killing either. Today I got some great business advice about having the right tools. I really want to get my business organized, but as usual, I don’t know where to start. Andd today I realized how much I love Gaga and Lana. And all the other fashion icons. I’m in love with the glamorous life, really. I also love Lana’s vintage style, and I’m intrigued by Gaga’s, which, ironically, is futuristic. I’ve been listening to Paris by Lana Del Rey all day. And reading fashion articles. I tried to design something, but as usual, my creativity gland doesn’t seem to be working. Nonetheless, I’ll finish the piece and post it later. BYE!


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